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Berta – Batuque « Kumbossa »- Praia 2018

Berta sings and comments her batuque Kumbossa  (term used to designate the link between two women sharing the same male partner).

Noite de Praia 2014

Berta é do bairro de Bela Vista em Praia, Cabo Verde. Berta é membro do grupo de batuque Obama. Ela canta a sua composição « Sabom de Kumpanheru ».

Just a game

Just a game

Masculinities,  enacted in a contest.  The game, a succession of mediated challenges to one’s worth as against another’s. Through its rules and its tactics, the game entails a caricature, a display of masculinity. A familiar genre of masculinity,

Galamsey – Young Gold Miners in Ghana

Close to Asankrangwa, in the Western Region of Ghana, young men engage in informal gold mining. It is locally called Galamsey from the English (Gather and Sell).

Cape Verde in the barbershop

Barbearias – Salon de coiffure pour hommes – Barbershops – Cabo Verde

Cap-Vert, Mindelo : Tant de choses à comprendre dans un salon de coiffure pour hommes, une BARBEARIA.

Serra Malagueta Santiago Cabo Verde

Santiago 2009